Celeste Wooten

Executive Director of Ministry Operations


In July 2011, Celeste Wooten arrived on the West Coast with a plan in hand. But as it turns out, God had His own plan that completely astonished Celeste. Born and raised in Camden, NJ, as the daughter and granddaughter of a pastor, Celeste has unique insights into the dynamics of church ministry. And, most of all, she is a deeply committed follower of Jesus Christ. Celeste jokingly refers to “ministry” as “the family business” because so many of her family members are either pastors or hold a leadership position in their church. Through the years, Celeste has been overheard saying more than once that she would never work for a church, and yet here she is fully committed to what God is doing through New Beginnings Community Church.

As a seasoned corporate executive, during the last 25 years Celeste was promoted rapidly to the Regional Executive Team (one of the first women to hold such a position) as a General Manager for Verizon Communications and Construction Services, Inc. As an entrepreneur, she has also led the successful start-up of two businesses, and consulted on the development of a variety of new start-ups. Her range of experiences include administering a 40 million dollar annual operating budget, and developing and supervising up to 1,500 employees while overseeing field operations in four states.

Celeste continues to be actively engaged in her community, lending her voice and advocating on behalf of those who have not yet found their own. She is the proud mom of two daughters, Jordan and Avery, with whom she loves spending time and enjoys watching grow into young women of faith.