Jo Ann Murphy

Office Manager

Jo Ann is married to her husband, Terry Murphy, and they live in San Leandro, CA. Jo Ann and Terry have 5 grown children together and 6 grandchildren, including one born 11/17/2016!

Jo Ann grew up in Oakland, CA. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into her life over 12 years ago. She has grown in her personal relationship with God and continues to grow in her faith walk as she lives out her faith day-to-day.

After Terry and Jo Ann joined Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in 2005, Jo Ann had decided that she wanted to work for the church. In 2014 she did get the opportunity to work in a church office environment! She was blessed to serve the people of God during some of their most difficult times of need. She worked with the Pastor over Bereavement, and she often had the opportunity to assist many of church members during their times of grief. It was then, that Jo Ann discovered just how passionate she is about the serving the needs of others.

Jo Ann has a genuine love for God and His people, and as a Partner of New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC), she has been privileged to serve many of the families who attend NBCC. Also, she loves serving in the Children’s and Youth Ministries (CYM) with all of the babies! Now that Jo Ann has the opportunity once again to officially work alongside the people of New Beginnings Community Church. Jo Ann says, “I feel like I am home again!”