Mark Benton

Board Member

Mark Benton, Sr., comes from a long line of family members who have served their country. An Army Veteran Captain, he is a 3rd generation Armed Services member who served in the Army Corps of Engineers and Military Police, and he recently retired from law enforcement with the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. He has been married for over 32 years to Dr. Kim Lucas Benton (DDS), who has a private practice in Daly City, California.

He was born in Paterson, NJ, and is the proud father of two children who are 4th generation Armed Services members as well as army officers. His son, Captain Mark Benton II is serving in the Chaplain Corps, and his daughter, 1st Lieutenant Kayla Benton, serves in the Nursing Corps. Mark’s brother, Army Veteran and 1st Lieutenant Frederick Benton, served in the Army Signal Corps.

Mark was the child of a military father, retired Master Sargent Fred H. Benton. Jr., who often traveled around the country. Mark was partly raised by his grandparents in Lumberton, NC, and finished high school in Aberdeen, MD, where his father retired. Mark attended the Howard University Army ROTC program and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant.

He and his wife, Kim, are Founding Partners of NBCC. Mark’s spiritual growth was deeply influenced by his grandparents and his mother, Pattie Benton, who is a licensed evangelist from the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta. Mark has always had a heart and a passion for mentorship--one that is fueled by his desire to ensure that his past mistakes were not made in vain. He and Kim founded the Trinity Assurance Foundation which gives guidance to the next generation to succeed. The foundation encourages spiritual growth and provides mentorship, education and wellness. Mark loves spending free time with family and friends, and he enjoys working with the NBCC Security Team and Elder Board.


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