Tina Teng-Henson

Pastor of Life Groups

Pastor Tina Teng-Henson was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She came to faith around the age of 13, after growing up in a non-denominational Chinese church and in a family that has followed Christ for multiple generations. When she first experienced the power of the gospel, she came to see the world in a dramatically different way and, from that point on, she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself.

In her college years, Tina grew in her heart for evangelism, missions and discipleship through her involvement with the vibrant multi-ethnic InterVarsity chapter at Harvard. After graduating, she mentored and developed Harvard students through her service with InterVarsity, was the Veritas Forum’s Regional Director for a season, and then served InterVarsity at Harvard again as its Team Leader and Harvard Chaplain. Those were fun, full years of ministry and service.

Along the way, Tina met her husband, John Henson, at a very socioeconomically and ethnically diverse church in Boston where a third of the community was living on the streets or in shelters. God taught Tina and John a lot through the beauty of this Kingdom community.

After getting married, Tina and John moved to the Bay Area for John to work in the LED industry and for Tina to attend Fuller Theological Seminary’s northern California campus. Pastor Tina completed her Master of Divinity degree in June of 2015 — after a seminary journey that spanned nine years, three countries (U.S., Canada and Kenya!), and the birth of two children! Tina and John’s feisty daughter, Beatrice, is three-years-old and their sweet son, Peter, is one-year-old.

Pastor Tina thanks God for knowing His plan for her life, in every season. Serving as Outreach Pastor at a young church plant and then working on staff at an older Presbyterian church taught her a significant amount about the power of a community pursuing God’s purposes together. Those important local church ministry experiences have uniquely prepared her to serve New Beginnings Community Church as our Pastor of Life Groups. Tina is thrilled that God has brought her and her family to NBCC. She can’t wait to get to know and love the people of New Beginnings — and to partner together in loving the people of the Bay Area and beyond.