Tom Recine

Board Member

Tom Recine has been a follower of Jesus for over 40 years. He invited Christ into his heart during a Bible study that he was facilitating at his place of employment. He and his family had recently started attending a local Bible-believing church in Palo Alto where they stayed for 34 years.

Before that time they had attended a Roman Catholic Church as that was where he was brought up. It has been an amazing journey since then. Shortly after his conversion he began to attend Bible Study Fellowship where he became a teaching leader for over 10 years and an area advisor for over 10 years as well. He and his wife, Marion, came to their former church about 7 years ago where they taught the Life in Christ class for 5 years and also taught a marriage enrichment class in their home. He co-taught Biblical study classes for 3 years as well. He and Marion have been in home fellowship groups for 40 years, many of which he’s facilitated.

Tom has a BS degree in physics and a Masters of Business Administration. Most of his business career was spent in the semiconductor Industry where he retired 16 years ago as a Corporate Vice President of Marketing.

He and Marion have raised 5 children all of whom know the Lord Jesus as do their spouses. They have 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.