Director / Pastor of Worship



Our Director (or Pastor) of Worship should have a love for God and a burning desire to help others connect to God through music and song. The Director of Worship will have the primary responsibility of visibly leading a large, diverse, and growing church in musical worship on a weekly basis in a way that inspires people from different cultural backgrounds, from multiple generations, and from different faith backgrounds (including non‐Christians) to respond to God and nurture a commitment to fully follow Jesus. Candidates who bring strong skill-sets in leadership, team‐building, volunteer development, and the creative arts are highly desired— the role will be shaped to unique skill-sets. All candidates should have a strong commitment to personal growth and learning. Because the vision of NBCC includes the real possibility of becoming a multi‐site church, this Director of Worship role has the potential to expand to a senior leadership position with oversight responsibility of multiple worship leaders and teams across multiple campuses.


Full-Time, Exempt

Anticipated Responsibilities

  • Design and lead worship gatherings, including pre‐worship planning, leading the music during the gatherings, and up‐front leadership and communication, in multiple worship gatherings each weekend.

  • Manage musicians including, but not limited to, audition and selection, scheduling, providing music charts, click tracks and/or loops, overseeing productive rehearsals, managing maintenance of certain instruments, processing stipends.
  • Music selection – choosing a blend of new songs (primarily contemporary and gospel), while rotating familiar songs to engage all ethnicities and generations, creating a meaningful expression of worship for a diverse congregation.
  • Oversee development, training, and care for worship volunteers and team members.
  • Pursue excellence, while maintaining the focus on building a vibrant worship culture that will impact the total NBCC Community (John 4:23 NIV).

Desired Experience

In addition to the anticipated responsibilities, we are very interested in candidates who have the experience noted below.

  • Prior experience developing worship teams with empowered and trained volunteer leadership.
  • Prior pastoral ministry experience (e.g., preaching/teaching, counseling).
  • Prior experience leading technical teams, including audio and video.
  • Prior experience with choral/orchestral leadership and with vocal praise teams including, but not limited to, audition and selection, scheduling, providing music charts and rehearsal recordings, teaching vocal parts, and running productive rehearsals.
  • Prior creative arts background, including experience designing and executing special events (e.g., Christmas, Easter); pulling together a creative arts team that assists in producing events that may include drama, dance, kids choir, adult choir, orchestra, special media, special decorations and/or environments.


  • Minimum three years of ministry experience leading worship (choral/orchestral experience a plus), with a background or strong interest in leading in a context that is reaching those who feel far from God.
  • Ability to understand transitions ‐ seamlessly creating a story arc and developing worshipful moments in a gathering.
  • Outstanding vocal abilities (instrumental proficiency a plus).
  • Ability to read music and create charts and arrangements, as needed.
  • Proficiency in music software: Finale, Sibelius, Logic, Ableton Live or similar, and Planning Center Online.
  • Familiarity with audio and video technology.
  • Experience building and managing volunteer teams.
  • Vision and ability to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.
  • A servant’s heart (pastoral) with an ability to care for others.
  • Attention to detail and strong verbal communication skills.
  • Hard‐working, positive and self‐motivated, with a desire to work in a highly creative and collaborative ministry environment.

About NBCC

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we are a growing community of 1,500 people, uniquely diverse in age, stage, culture and class.

We believe that the diversity of our church reflects the truth that God really does love all people. We are fully committed to building a community shaped by a strong fidelity to the truths of Scripture, while also being a safe place where people who are in different places on their journey with Jesus can explore, ask questions, and grow in their relationship with God.


    Our vision emphasizes 4 key elements:

    1. To reach people who feel far from God, which means we meet people where they are at and engage the world with hospitality and generosity.
    2. To make disciples, which means we help people to live like Jesus did – with the same God‐given purpose, and an extraordinary love and grace for others that can truly change the world.
    3. To build families, which means we care about relationships and we help people to thrive by taking intimacy, honesty, and forgiveness seriously within their own families and the church as a family.
    4. To transform communities, which means we serve our neighbors and our community to bring greater justice, freedom, and joy.

    We are a casual, come‐as‐you‐are kind of church, and everyone is welcome.

    Application Process

     All applicants are asked to do the following:

    All applicants are asked to do the following:

    Review NBCC’s Faith Statement to ensure agreement.

    Review NBCC’s Vision & Values to ensure agreement.

    Submit a cover letter and resume to

    Provide at least one video with the applicant leading worship, additionally indicating:

    • Worship Budget
    • Whether the musicians/vocalists in the video are volunteers or paid professionals
    • The context of the video
    • Who had creative control

    Video duration: 15 minutes minimum/18 minutes maximum

    Respond in writing to three prompts:

    • Describe your faith journey (2 paragraphs or less)
    • Describe your approach to leading worship (2 paragraphs or less)
    • Describe your leadership experience (2 paragraphs or less)

    Provide a video of your responding to the three prompts (please do not read verbatim on camera what you already submitted in writing, instead allow your passion to prevail):
    ◊ Describe your faith journey
    ◊ Describe your approach to leading worship
    ◊ Describe your leadership experience
    Video duration: 5 minutes minimum/7 minutes maximum

    All video content must be provided via an openly accessible web link; such as, YouTube or Vimeo. In other words, we are requesting "click and play" access (no login or special download requirements should be needed).

    If you are not able to provide professionally captured video (via video camera), mobile device video-capture will be accepted, as long as it is accessible through the manner described above.

    Submitting your cover letter and resume to confirms that you agree with and support NBCC’s Faith StatementVision and Values.

    Please submit all application materials together.

    Application Inquiries: Please email Celeste Wooten.

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