Family Ministries Pastor



Our Family Ministries Pastor will be responsible for providing oversight to NBCC’s Children and Youth Ministries (CYM), which currently serves roughly 250 children and youth and 80 volunteers per week. S/he will help shape the strategic vision of the ministry, provide ongoing development of staff and volunteers, and provide care to CYM families. NBCC is committed to the “Orange” vision and curriculum with a high emphasis on parent partnership and holistic family ministry.   All candidates should have a strong commitment to personal growth and development and should desire to work in a collaborative, entrepreneurial, and fast-paced environment.


Full-time, Exempt


Anticipated Responsibilities

  • Work with the Director of CYM and the Executive Pastor to empower teams at all levels of children’s ministry: staff, leaders, volunteers (adult& youth volunteers). Provide leaders with ongoing support, training, and appreciation.
  • Work with the Director of CYM to refine the strategic plan that drives high quality discipleship across CYM through our model of transformational teaching (high quality up front teaching) and transformational relationships (highly committed small group leaders deeply engaged in their students’ lives).
  • In conjunction with the CYM management team (Director of CYM and Director of Operations, at present), refine and implement a comprehensive plan of faith development from birth through young adulthood. 
  • Oversee the ongoing professional and spiritual development of the CYM leadership team.
  • Engage with major events, including Christmas, Easter, Youth Camps, and Mission Trips, and create new opportunities to connect and reach families inside and outside the NBCC community.
  • Leverage the resources of NBCC’s ministries, including partnering with NBCC’s Pastor of Congregational Care, to provide appropriate pastoral care and follow up for families facing crisis (bereavement, sickness, counseling needs, etc.). 
  • Cast vision across the NBCC community for the value of Family Ministry, leveraging resources from Orange, Sticky Faith, and Growing Young.
  • Oversee the operations of the CYM department—budget, communications, facilities, relationships with other staff departments, etc., keeping an eye on resolving conflict with other staff as necessary.
  • Uphold all standards/policies for the protection of all children as well as the care of children with special needs.
  • Model a Christ-filled life, maintaining appropriate boundaries with work and others, caring for self, and growing in faith and vocational impact.



  • Passionate follower of Jesus Christ, actively seeking to grow in personal relationship with God.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in children’s ministry, youth ministry or a related field. A greater emphasis on youth ministry is preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in ministry or education/child development) or equivalent, with seminary experience preferred.
  • Experience working in a large church setting (working with multiple-staff management and organization)
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and collaborative environment.
  • Ability to embrace families from all walks of life and comfort with cross-cultural ministry.
  • Effective communicator and collaborative team player,  a “leader of leaders”
  • Completed application and background check that ensures no obstacles to working with children.
  • Must be (or become) a partner of New Beginnings Community Church and engaged in the life of the NBCC community.

About NBCC

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we are a growing community of 1,500 people, uniquely diverse in age, stage, culture and class.

We believe that the diversity of our church reflects the truth that God really does love all people. We are fully committed to building a community shaped by a strong fidelity to the truths of Scripture, while also being a safe place where people who are in different places on their journey with Jesus can explore, ask questions, and grow in their relationship with God.


Our vision emphasizes 4 key elements:

  1. To reach people who feel far from God, which means we meet people where they are at and engage the world with hospitality and generosity.
  2. To make disciples, which means we help people to live like Jesus did – with the same God‐given purpose, and an extraordinary love and grace for others that can truly change the world.
  3. To build families, which means we care about relationships and we help people to thrive by taking intimacy, honesty, and forgiveness seriously within their own families and the church as a family.
  4. To transform communities, which means we serve our neighbors and our community to bring greater justice, freedom, and joy.

We are a casual, come‐as‐you‐are kind of church, and everyone is welcome.

Application Process

All applicants are asked to do the following:

Review NBCC’s Faith Statement to ensure agreement.

Review NBCC’s Vision & Values to ensure agreement.

Submit a cover letter and resume to

Respond in writing to three prompts:

  • Describe your faith journey (2 paragraphs or less)
  • Describe your experience with family ministry, children’s ministry, and/or youth ministry. (2 paragraphs or less)
  • Describe your general leadership and pastoral experience (2 paragraphs or less)

Provide a video of your responding to the three prompts (please do not read verbatim on camera what you already submitted in writing, instead allow your passion to prevail):

  • Describe your faith journey
  • Describe your experience with family ministry, children’s ministry, and/or youth ministry.
  • Describe your general leadership and pastoral experience

Video duration: 5 minutes minimum/7 minutes maximum. All video content must be provided via an openly accessible web link; such as, YouTube or Vimeo. In other words, we are requesting "click and play" access (no login or special download requirements should be needed).

Submitting your cover letter and resume to confirms that you agree with and support NBCC’s Faith StatementVision and Values.

Please submit all application materials together. We will begin following up with candidates for this position in early July.

NBCC Contact for Application Inquiries:
Please email Tilden Fang (

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