Director (or Pastor) of Transforming Communities & Next Steps

New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC)
Job Description, Full-Time, Exempt
Reports to the Senior Pastor    


Our Director/Pastor of Transforming Communities & Next Steps (TCNS) should be a deeply committed follower of Jesus.  She/he should have a passion for mobilizing, organizing and engaging believers to play a vital role in driving positive social change as a full expression of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ideally, this passion flows from a desire to help people grow (step by step) into mature Jesus followers, while demonstrating the love and grace of Jesus in the world.     

The Director/Pastor of TCNS will be primarily responsible for engaging a large, diverse, and growing congregation in key initiatives with our local and global neighbors; while providing oversight for NBCC’s Next Steps ministry staff and volunteer leaders.

All candidates should have a strong commitment to personal growth and learning. Because the vision of NBCC includes the real possibility of becoming a multi-site church, this Director of TCNS’ role has the potential for expanding to include responsibilities across multiple campuses.

Our ideal Director/Pastor of TCNS is a team player and is expected to lead inside of NBCC’s Leadership Virtues -- “Humble, Hungry, Smart” -- taken from The Ideal Team Playerbook by Patrick Lencioni. To get a sense of what we’re looking for, feel free to take this Ideal Team Player Self-Assessment. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Be a permanent student and learner of NBCC’s culture, vision and values.

Transforming Communities (60%)

  • Recruit and equip multi-ethnic, multi-generational teams of volunteers, and provide leadership development and operational direction to a core team of volunteer leaders.
  • Expand NBCC’s ministry footprint and reputation through initiatives that demonstrate the extravagant love of God, in ways that meet practical community needs.
  • Identify, implement and oversee multi-year partnerships that lead to measurable long-term community transformation locally and internationally.   
  • Establish impactful and strategic relationships with community and civic leaders, local church movements, non-church organizations, and levels of government - building capacity for significant social transformation that aligns with the vision and values of NBCC and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Oversee the vetting and recommendations regarding all new mission (TC) support requests. 
  • Facilitate strong TC collaborations across NBCC’s ministry.   
  • Prepare annual impact reports depicting qualitative and quantitative outcomes and impact.
  • Oversee development and implementation of national and international missions trips.
  • Provide missionary leadership, leading in enlisting, placing, training, and supervising volunteers in missions.
  • Participate in one domestic or international short-term missions trip per year.
  • Long-Term: Pursue creative sources of funding, such as revenue-generating programs or impact investing

Oversee Next Steps Leaders and Processes (40%)

Current Next Steps areas consist of: Newcomers events, baptisms, small groups (working with a part-time Life Groups Director), Next Steps team for new believers and seekers, adult discipleship engagement, serving culture and process within the church, in the local community, and globally.

  • Provide oversight, operational direction and ongoing leadership development to teams of volunteer leaders and a staff lead for life groups.
  • Ensure Next Step areas are easily identified throughout the NBCC community, effectively staffed and led. 
  • Work with staff and volunteer leaders to ensure maximum effectiveness of each area step.
  • Ensure effective collaboration of leaders and integration of processes between NBCC’s Next Steps areas, serving ministries and discipleship efforts. 
  • Supervise all expenditures of departmental budgets, including mission support gifts, and partnership financial commitments.  
  • As a ministry director for a start-up church, the Director/Pastor of Transforming Communities and Next Steps may be asked to temporarily lead in general ministry areas. Such projects may include leadership development and building out sustainable ministry processes across the congregation.   

As a Director/Pastor of Transforming Communities & Next Steps, a typical day might include:

  • Networking with local community partners or civic leaders through phone calls, lunches, etc.
  • Meeting with the NBCC Life Groups Director to review planning of a small group campaign
  • Collaborating with community partners, civic leaders and various stakeholders in strategic planning meetings.  
  • Preparing a leadership-training event for departmental staff, TCNS volunteers, or community partners.
  • Outlining the schedule and emailing Transforming Communities leadership team with logistics about the next volunteer day.
  • Facilitating a meeting between the Director of Sunday Operations and the Newcomers Event lead to ensure a smooth onramp to serving at an upcoming Newcomers Event.   
  • Conducting cross-cultural awareness training for a missions team in preparation for an upcoming trip.
  • Long-Term: Gathering local business leaders who can serve as judges for upcoming social business plan competition.


  • Passion for the church, strong Christian faith, and deep desire to share the gospel of Jesus.
  • Creative, spirit-led visionary who can “see” what is not yet and bring it to fruition.
  • A self-starter and entrepreneur, versed in problem-solving.
  • Proven experience in managing multiple projects at once with attention to detail.
  • Ability to research and network in order to develop successful new programs.
  • Demonstrated ability to bring diverse organizations to consensus while driving towards completion on goals and objectives.
  • Possess strong team-building, communication, and leadership development skills.
  • Experience in the area of community organizing/development or Church missions 
  • Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years of work experience, or a master’s degree in the area of business, social service, or community development is required.

About NBCC: 

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we are a growing community of 1500 people, uniquely diverse in age and stage, culture and class. We believe that the diversity of our church reflects the truth that God really does love all people. We are fully committed to building a community shaped by a strong fidelity to the truths of Scripture, while also being a safe place where people who are in different places on their journey with Jesus can explore, ask questions, and grow in their relationship with God.

Our vision emphasizes 4 key elements:

  1. To reach people who feel far from God, which means we meet people where they are at and engage the world with hospitality and generosity;
  2. To make disciples, which means we help people to live like Jesus did – with the same God-given purpose, and an extraordinary love and grace for others that can truly change the world;
  3. To build families, which means we care about relationships and we help people to thrive by taking intimacy, honesty, and forgiveness seriously within their own families and the church as a family;
  4. To transform communities, which means we serve our neighbors and our community to bring greater justice, freedom, and joy.

We are a casual, come‐as‐you‐are kind of church, and everyone is welcome.

Application Process

All applicants are asked to do the following:

Review NBCC’s Faith Statement to ensure agreement.

Review NBCC’s Vision & Values to ensure agreement.

Submit a cover letter and resume to

Respond in writing to three prompts, send to

  • Describe your faith journey (2 paragraphs or less)
  • Describe your experience related to community organizing/development or church missions. (2 paragraphs or less)
  • Describe your general leadership and pastoral experience (2 paragraphs or less)

Provide a video of your responding to the three prompts (please do not read verbatim on camera what you already submitted in writing, instead allow your passion to prevail). Video duration: 5 minutes minimum/7 minutes maximum. All video content must be provided via an openly accessible web link; such as, YouTube or Vimeo. In other words, we are requesting "click and play" access (no login or special download requirements should be needed).

Submitting your cover letter and resume to confirms that you agree with and support NBCC’s Faith StatementVision and Values.

Please submit all application materials together. 


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