Reflections: Week 1

In this powerful sermon, Pastor Hurmon reflects back on God’s leading in his life and answers the important question, “How does one live a Spirit-led life?” 

The Holy Spirit produces Godly character in us, and our character shapes our relationships with other people and with God. Our first step in allowing the process of character building is to submit to God’s direction in our lives. Prayer: “Lord, I want you in my life and I want you directing my life.”

Like Pastor Hurmon has done, we can reflect back on our lives, looking for patterns in how God has led us over the years. Each day, pray for and be watchful and alert to “God moments”—ways that the Holy Spirit gets your attention. Pray for the Lord to teach you His principles to shape your living. Eventually, transformation comes as you actively participate in God’s plan for your life.


  • God help me live a Spirit-led life.