Pastor Tina's Transition

We want to let the community know of a personnel change within the staff of the church. As of this week, Pastor Tina Teng-Henson has transitioned away from the NBCC staff team and from her role as Pastor of Life Groups at NBCC. Pastor Tina has made remarkable contributions to the NBCC community, and we are deeply grateful for her faithful service. NBCC has a unique community culture, staff culture, ministry philosophy and vision, and we have come to recognize that gifted leaders who come to our church from outside the community will inevitably need to consider whether NBCC is the best ministry fit for the long-term. We initiated a process with Pastor Tina to consider this question with the goal of helping her to fully thrive at NBCC, but after a series of honest conversations about where closer alignment was and was not likely, we ultimately arrived at a mutual decision to move in different directions. This outcome brings about no small measure of sadness for all involved. Pastor Tina's preference was not to have a public acknowledgement of her service, but instead for us to share the following message from her:

Through a process initiated by the executive team, and over a series of conversations, Pastor Hurmon, Pastor Tilden, and I arrived at the difficult decision that NBCC is not the best place for me to serve long-term. As God forms and shapes each of us uniquely and gives each of his servants gifts, we together recognized the importance of finding the right time and place for those gifts to be expressed in their fullness. Over the course of our dialogue, we weighed many factors closely. We expressed many thoughts and feelings, and we reflected on areas where we could all see further development was needed. We also spoke words of affirmation and thanks. I am deeply grateful that I had the opportunity to serve this amazing community and to learn all that I did.  I am working closely with Pastor Tilden to transition all of my work in the hope that the ministries I was involved with can continue forward in strength. I absolutely loved meeting and getting to know every person I encountered here, so it has felt heart-breaking at times to know that we won’t continue on here with all of you. But God has also been near to us, and we fully trust Him to guide and direct our steps. We pray His very best for you now and always. -P. Tina

We are grateful for all of the work Pastor Tina has done in our Life Group ministry, with our Singles Life community, with our Single Parents Network, and for all of the pastoral care she has provided to many of you. Her work will outlive her time with us as she has laid the foundation for many good things to continue in the future. We wish her and her family all the best in all that the Lord calls them to next.


Pastor Hurmon, Senior Pastor

Pastor Tilden, Executive Pastor