NBCC is Going Global!

How Do We Serve Our Global Community?

At New Beginnings, we believe that the church plays a pivotal role in the social change already taking place globally. We want to foster deep, intentional, systemic impact in communities around the world. We call this ministry, "Transforming Communities."

We believe that God has commissioned us to help restore the world to justice. We take our cue from Jesus’ final words on earth in Acts 1:7-8, where he instructs us to be witnesses “to the ends of the earth.”

After a year-long strategic planning process, we are focusing on Education both locally and globally. In partnership with Children’s HopeChest, we are sponsoring My Special Treasure Education Center in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.


My Special Treasure Education Center (MST-EC) is a pre-K to 7th grade Christian school dedicated to providing education, food and health assistance to sons and daughters of people working at the local dump in Zone 3 of Chimaltenango. Many families do not have access to water, electricity or sewage services in homes made of metal sheets, wood and cardboard that they rent with many family members.

MST-EC provides quality education, spiritual support, health and nutrition. The program also focuses on supporting those children who have learning disabilities, who often do not have another school to attend. The school believes that education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty, empowering these children so that they can provide for their families and communities in the future.


Visit NBCC's Community Page where you can learn more about this partnership with My Special Treasure Education Center. We are thrilled that the partnership is relational - we communicate regularly with the leadership and the students! We invite you to sponsor one of the 111 children who attend MST-EC at $38/month. The sponsorship provides direct assistance for emotional, environmental, educational, medical and discipleship needs. You can also help fund a community project, pray for the Guatemalan community, or consider an upcoming trip to Guatemala.

For more information about the partnership with My Special Treasure Education Center and how you can get involved, contact transformingcommunities@nbccbayarea.com.


Contact for Transforming Communities

Pastor Tilden Fang: tfang@nbccbayarea.com