NBCC San Jose Campus: FAQ

At our Worship Gatherings on March 24, 2019, we shared that our plan is to launch a second worship campus in San Jose at the Trianon Building at 72 N. 5th Street, San Jose, CA 95112.

Trianon Theatre | 72 N 5th St, San Jose, CA 95112

Below is a list of “Frequently Asked Questions.” If you have a question that has not been answered below, please email Pastor Tilden Fang at tfang@nbccbayarea.com.

How did this come about?

NBCC has been looking for a location of our own for several years. Since our launch in 2014, we have felt the strain of renting and not having a facility to serve as a permanent foundation for our ministry. Our early search focused on finding a large space (30,000 sq. ft. +) in a central location on the Peninsula that could house our entire church and give us room to grow. However, we quickly found that this option has very few targets because of zoning and is almost certain to be cost prohibitive. When we were forced to move to Redwood City in 2017, we began attracting many people from Menlo Park and further north on the Peninsula, but we know much of our community is still in the South Bay and San Jose, and so our facilities search broadened to include smaller locations farther south. We are amazed and grateful that God has opened the door to the Trianon Building in downtown San Jose. A friend of NBCC is in the process of purchasing the building, and will lease it back to us below market rent, with a future option to purchase the building.

Why start a second campus?

There are several reasons why we have always envisioned NBCC being one church in multiple locations:

  1. NBCC is a regional church, with people at NBCC from all over the Bay Area. In order to allow our community to effectively participate in our church and for attendees to be able to invite their friends (a key part of our vision to reach those who feel far from God), we need to become more local in ministry.

  2. Creating room for growth by expanding a single location is simply not practical in the Bay Area. Growing by adding worship sites is now a proven ministry model that allows NBCC to continue to expand the reach of the ministry.

  3. We believe that God’s vision for NBCC is a regional vision. There are so few churches like NBCC, which embraces genuine diversity culturally, generationally, socioeconomically, and even theologically. We are distinctive in being proudly evangelical as we follow Jesus in engaging everyone with grace and truth, holding fast to the conviction that Jesus is Lord and Savior, as the Bible testifies. We think it is important that more people think about churches like NBCC when they think of Christian churches, so we embrace the opportunity to increase the reach, visibility and impact of our ministry.

Why San Jose?

Our facility search was open to various locations in the South Bay. However, we sensed that God was directing us specifically to the Trianon building because:

  1. We believe there have been clear promptings from the Holy Spirit to consider this site. For instance, God brought the Trianon building to Pastor Tilden’s (the leader of our facility search) mind in a unique way when he was on a prayer walk. Also, during times of corporate prayer, several staff have had clear visions of God’s presence on this site.

  2. This site is 3 miles and 10 minutes away from our long-term transforming communities school partner, Santee Elementary School.

  3. This site is half a block from San Jose City Hall. Pastor Hurmon’s ministry experience and transforming communities vision has always included working for change by engaging civic entities that systematically influence lives.

  4. This site is two blocks away from San Jose State University. We currently support campus ministry staff there, and this site allows us to more deeply partner to transform younger generations.

  5. This site is in the heart of downtown San Jose, which is currently undergoing significant development and an infusion of investment from Google in the Diridon area, roughly 1.25 miles away from the church. We believe this allows NBCC to be well positioned to minister at what will be one of the thriving hubs of Silicon Valley. In particular, the unique composition of our church community allows us to effectively minister in an urban setting, and Pastor Hurmon has extensive background in urban ministry through his 17 years of ministry at Roxbury Presbyterian Church in Boston.

When will it happen?

We plan on launching our campus in San Jose in the first or second quarter of 2020.

How will we start a second campus in San Jose well?

Studies of multicampus churches show:

  • Multicampus churches tend to grow much faster than single-site churches.

  • Opening an additional campus inspires many people in the church community who are not otherwise serving to help with the launch.

  • Making a ministry more local for the community makes both serving and inviting much more feasible.

The primary task of NBCC staff in this coming year, working with volunteer leaders, will be to plan well for our San Jose campus launch. We will especially focus on empowering our entire community to find a place of service to be a part of fulfilling the vision of our church.

Where will Pastor Hurmon be? And what will the San Jose campus be like?

Our current plan is to have Pastor Hurmon continue to preach live in Redwood City and to have a high-quality HD broadcast of the teaching in San Jose.The San Jose campus will have a live worship team for every Gathering, and Pastor Tilden, from NBCC’s current pastoral team, will serve as the San Jose campus pastor.

What about parking? Won’t that be difficult downtown?

One of the aspects of the San Jose site that we are very excited about is that there is a parking garage with 1000+ spaces right across the street that is FREE on evenings and weekends. There’s even a crosswalk right in front of the building to help pedestrians cross the street! The site is also public transportation friendly, since it is located right next to San Jose City Hall. The VTA has a stop 3 blocks away, and there is a bus stop 1 block away.

What about people I’m used to seeing at Redwood City?

There’s no easy answer for this. While the overall benefits of a more local church experience are manifold, there will be some sense of loss as individuals and families commit to a particular campus where they can be deeply engaged and invitational. Ultimately, we are confident that both San Jose and Redwood City will be thriving campuses of NBCC with strong community and significant local impact.

I’d love to go to church in San Jose, but I don’t think I’ll like video teaching?

The overwhelming evidence from multisite churches across the country is that video teaching can be 100% just as engaging and transformational as a live teaching. If you aren’t sure about the experience, we encourage you to give the new campus a try for at least 3 months. We are confident that the experience of worship, teaching and community, and the reality of the presence of God in the community, will speak for itself.

How will it work financially?

We could hardly imagine a more generous financial arrangement to allow us to take this next step of adding a second campus. That being said, we will be committing our current annual net income to establishing and running a second campus. We do have some savings to serve as margin as we get this second NBCC campus established and thriving. The real opportunity of this arrangement is the opportunity to purchase the Trianon building in San Jose in the future. We will be inviting the entire church community to come together to complete this purchase through a generosity campaign that will give our church the ability to permanently own the property in San Jose.

Will Gathering times be the same?

This is one area that we will still be working out. We always want to structure our Gathering times to ensure there is room for growth and there are accessible options for guests to come and visit. That being said, as we plant our community in San Jose and consider the Gathering sizes in Redwood City, it is possible our Gathering times and number of Gatherings may adjust slightly.

How will Children’s and Youth Ministries work?

Our Children’s and Youth Ministries is an absolutely vital and core ministry of our church. Our intention is to offer an engaging, high quality children’s and youth discipleship experience at both of our locations. As will be the case with many other areas of ministry, there will be a tremendous opportunity for people to get involved with building the foundation of an extraordinary ministry in both Redwood City and San Jose!

What about other churches nearby?

There are several small churches in the nearby downtown area. However, for the most part, nearby churches are either strictly denominational, or they are focused on serving a single ethnicity. Because of our distinctive diversity and unique Gathering experience, NBCC will be able to reach many people in the San Jose area who feel far from God and who would not consider going to a traditional church.

What about Vive Church, currently at Trianon on Sundays?

We have spoken in person with the pastoral leadership of Vive Church to express our desire to be a blessing to their ministry. We have committed to giving them extended time to relocate their San Jose campus (hence our late fall/early winter launch date), which is one of 10 campuses worldwide that Vive intends to have by the end of the year. Our ministry partner who is purchasing the Trianon building has also offered to help Vive find other potential church locations throughout the Bay Area.

Will both campuses of NBCC ever come together for special occasions?

Yes! We certainly envision large church events, such as our Married Life Retreat, would be events in which both campuses would participate. We will always be vision led in thinking about what helps us continue to reach those who feel far from God, make disciples, build families and transform communities. As there are opportunities for the whole church to come together in ways that drive our vision forward, we would love for this to happen!

What can I do to help?

So glad you asked! The planting of a second campus of NBCC is going to be a team effort by our entire church community! Most practically, if you aren’t already serving, please find a way to serve and help NBCC fulfill its vision! If you aren’t already financially supporting the church, please consider investing in the ministry of the church through regular financial gifts. We will most likely be ready to lay out more specifics about the San Jose campus launch in the summer of 2019, and there will be many opportunities to be involved!