At New Beginnings, we believe that the church plays a pivotal role in the social change already taking place in the Bay Area.

We want to foster deep, intentional, systemic impact on our local and global community.


NBCC is spending 2016 taking a step back and determining our focus areas for transforming communities. We’re doing this by assessing the social issues of the Bay Area, identifying which organizations are already working in these areas, and exploring how NBCC can fit in.

The process — outlined below — is built around hosting individual and group conversations both within the NBCC congregation and across the broader community.


The process involves four phases:

1. Relational Meetings

2. House Meetings

3. Research Action

4. Analysis & Strategy

By the beginning of 2017, we will develop a robust plan for how NBCC will engage with these issues.

This graphic provides a description and timeline for the process. Click to enlarge view.

House Meeting Gatherings

In May and June 2016, we held 26 House Meetings and asked the following question:

“When you think about the pressures, issues and challenges affecting people in your community, what makes you angry or causes you pain?”
We received 223 responses from people in our congregation, and the top five (5) most mentioned are:

1. Homelessness
2. Affordable Housing
3. Education
4. Teen Suicide
5. Mental Health

These five themes shape the focus for the next phase, Research Action.


Research Action

At NBCC, we believe that pairing research with our assets will help us maximize our impact for the longest period of time for the Kingdom of God. By interviewing people in key community organizations as well as analyzing data and statistics, we will gain a holistic understanding of each of the top five (5) issues coming out of the NBCC House Meeting campaign. This will allow us to determine where we might best engage our local and global community on a more concrete level.

From July to December 2016, various teams will collect both qualitative and quantitative data around these issues to help NBCC identify a strategic plan to further focus and tackle some of these issues on a deeper level.

We look forward to sharing periodic updates on our progress in the Sunday Gatherings.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in joining the Transforming Communities Strategy Team, please contact Evelyn Powery.


NBCC Contact for Transforming Communities