Donating Stocks

Thank you for considering a gift of stocks or mutual funds to New Beginnings Community Church.

Stock or mutual fund gifts are often a preferred way of giving because donors generally receive a tax deduction for the market value of the securities while avoiding payment of capital gains on the appreciated value of the security. For tax guidance, we encourage you to consult your broker or tax advisor.

If the securities are held by your bank or broker, the easiest way to donate them to NBCC is electronically via the Depository Trust Co. (DTC) system:


1. Please begin this process by notifying NBCC of your gift. 

We do not automatically receive donor information, so in order to provide you with a tax-deductible statement, we need to match your information with the incoming gift. Please send an email to NBCC’s business operations manager, Winnie Ma, at with the following information:

  • Your name and mailing address
  • The name and ticker symbol of the security
  • The number of shares
  • The purpose of your gift, if any, beyond a general contribution to NBCC

2. Contact your broker and instruct them to transfer your gift via DTC to our account at Fidelity Investments.

NBCC’s account details are:

Fidelity Investments
DTC #: 0226
Name on account: New Beginnings Community Church
Account Number: Z66160520
New Beginnings Community Church Tax ID Number: 46-4868006

Fidelity customer service is available to assist with the donation. The contact number for Fidelity’s Palo Alto branch office is 650-321-9021 .

If you have any questions about the donation process, please contact Winnie Ma at 650-690-2790 or via email at the address above. Thank you for your generous and faithful support of the ministry of New Beginnings.